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Signs Your Home Needs New Windows
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Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

When you become a new homeowner, you quickly learn how important it is to maintain your house inside and out. While sometimes it may seem like the chores are never-ending, the good news is, hard work pays off when it comes to home improvement projects. Routine maintenance and inspections are the key to keeping windows, siding, roofing, and other elements of your home in the best shape possible.

If your windows are more than 15 years old or not functioning like they used to, it can take a toll on your entire house. Don’t compromise what’s likely your most treasured investment!

There are several signs that indicate your home is due for replacement windows. If you notice any of the signs listed below, contact Haggerty Windows & Siding, your local window replacement contractor in central Iowa! We’ll take a close look and help you determine whether new windows are the best solution.

  • Your home feels drafty.
    If you feel a breeze even when your windows are closed, you could be dealing with drafty windows. As windows age, they often allow air leaks inside, which can make your home feel uncomfortably chilly. Drafty windows can also cause your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to, resulting in higher energy bills every month. Save money and enhance your home’s comfort with the installation of energy-efficient replacement windows.
  • You can hear noise from outside.
    Your home should be a safe, quiet retreat from the outside world, but that’s hard to accomplish with excessive noise coming in through your worn-out windows. If your current windows don’t effectively provide a sound barrier, replacement windows are worth the investment. Modern windows are crafted with advanced glass panes capable of reducing noise disruption, among other benefits.
  • Your window frames show signs of water damage.
    Softened, chipped, or broken window frames are a sure sign you are in need of some new windows. When windows aren’t able to properly keep moisture out, the frames will show signs of water damage. Replacement windows will allow you to proactively prevent water from damaging your home.
  • It’s hard to open and close your windows.
    Faulty windows are more than a nuisance; They can put your home and family members at risk. Outdated windows often begin to rust over time, which makes it difficult for them to open and close. A window that won’t operate properly can be dangerous in case of an emergency or break-in.
  • Maximize the safety of your home with the installation of modern replacement windows. New windows are equipped with advanced technology, making them easier to open, lock, and secure.
  • You notice an excess amount of condensation.
    When the sealing on your windows starts to fail, you will notice frost and condensation buildup in between the window panes. This indicates your windows are beyond repair and require replacement. With proper installation, your new windows will prevent moisture from becoming trapped in between the panes.

The Benefits of New Windows

Replacing your old, drafty windows with a new set is critical to maintaining a secure, comfortable home. There are several benefits of installing replacement windows in your home.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
    With new windows, you can expect to save money every month on heating and cooling bills. Because drafty windows cause your HVAC system to work harder, replacement windows will be able to prevent your HVAC system from making up for air leaks by providing your home with airtight seals.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
    Installing new windows on your home is an excellent way to enhance the overall look of your home. New windows can provide your home with an updated appearance, which is sure to turn the heads of passersby and visitors.
  • Greater Security
    When old windows aren’t able to open, close, and lock efficiency, they’re unable to properly protect you and your home from intruders and emergencies. Because modern windows are designed with advanced technology, they’re better able to protect your home for certain situations. You’ll be able to operate your new windows with ease.
  • Increased Privacy and Tranquility
    Old, worn down windows are more likely to invite outside noises into your home. With new windows, you’ll be able to escape the outside world and better maintain the tranquility of your home. The glass on newer windows is better at blocking outside noise so you can maintain a quiet, peaceful space.

By replacing your windows, you’ll increase your home’s energy efficiency and enhance its curb appeal. You’ll also maximize your home’s safety with the new windows’ advanced lock and operability capabilities.

At Haggerty Windows & Siding, we provide our customers with high-quality window products to maximize their satisfaction. We will securely install your new windows so they’re ready to serve you for years to come. If you think your home could benefit from the installation of new windows, give our team a call at 515-953-6999.

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