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The Benefits of New Siding
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The Benefits of New Siding

Siding plays an important role in your home’s security and aesthetic value. After all, your house’s siding protects your home from harsh winds, freezing temperatures, intense summer rays, and other natural elements. Your siding also displays an element of your personality through various colors, shades, and textures. Because siding plays such an important role in your home’s comfort and security, when your siding has seen better days, you should prepare to have the material replaced.

Signs Your Siding Requires Replacement

As a homeowner, you should keep an eye out for signs that your siding needs to be replaced. By recognizing these signs, you’ll be able to have your siding replaced promptly before greater issues arise.

●        Warping and Sagging | Siding should be level and even. After excessive wear and tear, your siding may begin to droop and deteriorate. When your siding is sagging, the material isn’t able to effectively protect your home.

●        Staining | If you’re noticing water stains on your siding, your home may be experiencing water damage. Water damage can lead to more severe issues with your home’s foundation if you don’t replace your siding quickly.

●        Cracking and Splitting | Some siding materials will start to develop cracks and splits when it becomes damaged. Splits and cracks can allow moisture to become trapped in the area beneath the surface, which can cause your home’s foundation to wear down and become weak. Keep an eye out for splits and cracks to stay ahead of necessary replacements.

●        Rotting and Peeling | Another sign that indicates you need replacement siding is rotting and peeling material. Because your siding should protect and provide your home with aesthetic value, rotting and peeling siding proves there’s a greater issue at hand. Keep an eye out for this malfunction, as it most likely means you will need to schedule a siding replacement service soon.

●        Mold and Mildew Growth | When mold and mildew start to grow on your home’s siding, it usually means there’s some type of issue with moisture. Not only is mold and mildew harmful to your health, but they also impact your home’s visual appeal, as well as compromise the integrity of your siding.

Advantages of New Siding

There are a number of benefits to replacing your old siding with new material, including:

●        Enhancing Home’s Appearance | Your home’s siding plays a huge role in your house’s overall look and appearance. If your siding has cracks, holes, and mold on it, your house may not appear as vibrant and welcoming as you may prefer. New siding gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine. You can pick the hues, colors, and textures you want your home to display. The new material will enhance your home’s look and feel.

●        Increasing Energy Efficiency | Part of your siding’s purpose is to sustain your home’s energy efficiency. When your siding has become worn down and damaged, it isn’t able to keep air leaks from occurring. When air leaks occur, your monthly energy bills will increase and your HVAC system may wear out sooner because it has to work harder to sustain a comfortable temperature in your home. By replacing your siding, you’ll create a more energy-efficient environment in your home.

●        Increase Home’s Market Value | Typically, a home with beautiful new siding will sell for a higher price compared to a home with splitting, worn down siding. New siding provides an updated and enhanced look for your home. Additionally, new material will also increase your home’s energy efficiency and security, which appeals to buyers. By replacing your old siding with new material, you’ll experience a noteworthy return on investment

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If you want to enhance the security, appearance, and overall comfort of your home, consider replacing your siding. New siding will provide you with a number of noteworthy benefits, including increased energy efficiency and an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Haggerty Windows & Siding brings expertise and unmatched talent to every project. Our qualified team of contractors will ensure your new siding is installed promptly and efficiently. To learn more about our siding installation services, or to schedule an estimate with our team, contact Haggerty Windows & Siding today at 515-953-6999.

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