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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling your bathroom can supply you with a number of benefits. From enhancing your personal oasis to increasing your home’s market value, there are many reasons why taking on a remodel is worth the time and effort. However, while you may be interested in remodeling your bathroom, you may not know exactly what you want to include with your project.

There are several key methods of enhancing your bathroom while remodeling. These methods may inspire you while you make designs for your own remodel.

●        Sink Replacement

There are a number of ways you can get creative with your bathroom’s sink. From exposing the bowl with a vessel sink to installing beautiful wood cabinets underneath, modern style options allow you to let your creativity flourish.

●        Add a Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are an excellent option if you want to maximize the space in your bathroom. Walk-in showers allow you to create an open environment while providing you with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. By adding this piece to your new bathroom, you’ll establish a relaxing oasis right in your home.

●        Install a Free-Standing Bathtub

If you want to add a modern and sleek design element to your new bathroom, consider installing a free-standing bathtub. This bathtub option can provide your space with greater style flexibility compared to a traditional clawfoot bathtub. Additionally, this option can also create an overall enhanced appearance for your bathroom as opposed to standard bathtub designs.

●        Add Elegant Wallpaper

You can add your personal touch to your new bathroom by installing wallpaper that simultaneously captures elegance with your personality. From beautiful floral designs to modern shapes, there is are a variety of wallpaper options you can choose from. The team at Haggerty Windows & Siding will ensure your new addition is installed securely and beautifully.

●        Create a Brass or Silver Theme

While having an all-white bathroom may seem dull, you can add a touch of elegance with small brass or silver features. Framed mirrors, unique cupboard handles, and a sleek faucet is just a few of the features you can utilize to create a pop throughout your bathroom. Not only will brass or silver elements add elegance to your bathroom, but they will also create an overall modern appearance.

●        Install Additional Storage

Sometimes, a worn and outdated bathroom can be a result of excessive clutter and disorganization. After all, who wants to spend time in a bathroom that doesn’t have enough space for important cosmetics and other products?

With a bathroom remodel, you can add more storage space to your bathroom with beautiful cabinets and updated countertops. These new additions will help you keep belongings out of the space and maximize your bathroom’s aesthetic value.

●        Install New Tile

Over the years, your bathroom’s floor will start to appear dirty and stained, which can take away from the value of the space. If your floors and walls appear as if they’ve seen better days, consider having new tile installed.

Tile gives you the opportunity to get creative with colors and textures. You can pick two or more colors, or just stick with one consistent type of tile. The team members at Haggerty Windows & Siding can sit down with you to find the design that meets your expectations.

●        Add Wood Elements

If you find yourself more drawn to designs that feature wood textures and colors, you can add those elements to your bathroom. When combined with limestone, blonde wood can create a warm and inviting environment. The expert contractors at Haggerty Siding & Windows will make sure you get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

●        Add Marble

Nothing shouts class and elegance quite the way marble countertops do. By installing marble in your bathroom, you’ll be able to create an environment that is equally inviting and aesthetically remarkable. For an ultimately gorgeous presentation, you can also add large windows for optimal natural lighting to complement your marble features.

●        Install a Creative Shower Head

From waterfall shower heads to rain shower heads, you can completely transform your bathroom experience by getting creative with the shower. When it comes to your bathroom remodel, you don’t have to stick with your standard shower head. Take a look through your options and find the jet that works best for you.

Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

If you want to enhance your home with a new bathroom, Haggerty Windows & Siding is read to assist. We’ll provide you with a team of dedicated contractors who will securely and beautifully install all of your new additions.

From window replacement to siding repair, Haggerty Windows & Siding is the full-service contractor you can count on. To schedule a service, contact us today at 515-953-6999. We look forward to working with you!

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