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Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation
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Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation

Insulation plays a key role in helping you maintain a comfortable and secure home. It enhances your home’s energy efficiency, reduces noise pollution, and regulates your home’s air quality. Since it’s such a critical facet of your home, there are several signs that indicate you may be in need of new insulation. By keeping an eye out for these signs, you’ll be able to enhance your home’s overall comfort.

When you’re in need of new insulation, contact a professional contracting company such as Haggerty Windows & Siding for fast and efficient insulation services. You’ll learn about a few indicators that you need to do just that below.

Excessive Moisture in the Attic

Proper insulation should regulate your attic’s moisture levels. If you’re noticing your attic has accumulated excess moisture throughout the last few months, you may be in need of new insulation. You may also notice excessive moisture levels during the summer months when your home feels especially humid. Contact a professional insulation contractor as soon as you notice these issues arise.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

If your HVAC system and windows are in tip-top condition but your energy bills still seem to increase every month, your insulation may be past its life span. Weakened and worn-down insulation allows air leaks, which can cause your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a certain temperature. This often results in increased energy bills. If you want to start saving money on these bills every month, consider installing replacement insulation.

A Flagging HVAC System

This one goes side-by-side with high energy bills. Sometimes a struggling HVAC system is the first indicator that you might be paying too much to heat and cool your home! If your heating and cooling system are experiencing premature wear-and-tear, and your HVAC pro can’t put a finger on why, chances are the issue is with your insulation. When your home can’t retain its temperature thanks to a lack of insulation, these machines must work harder to compensate.

Drafty or Hot Rooms

Strong insulation should effectively maintain your home’s temperature. If you’re experiencing drafty rooms during the cold Iowa winters, it may be a result of poor insulation in your home. On the flip side, if your HVAC system isn’t able to keep your home cool during the summer, your insulation may be at fault. Schedule a professional insulation inspection as soon as possible.

Mice Droppings

In order to get into your home, mice and other pests often first go through your attic. If you’re noticing mice droppings around your home, it may indicate that pests have infiltrated your home’s insulation. To save your home from greater damage, schedule an appointment with a professional insulation specialist.

Increased Noise Pollution from Outside

If you’re noticing outside noises making their way into your home more than usual, your insulation may be to blame. Worn-down insulation isn’t able to keep outside noises out of your home as efficiently as newer materials can.

Outdated Material

If your home is older than 25 years old, it’s likely that your insulation is past its useful life. Worn down insulation can make your home drafty and unstable. Consider installing new material after 20-30 years.

Ice Dams

A Northern nuisance, ice dams are just what they sound like: layers of ice that build up and prevent the meltwater behind them from draining. They form thanks to a complex interaction between your roof’s temperature and the temperature of the exterior air. This causes snow to melt at a certain point on the roof then refreeze lower down. Left to its own devices, the standing water will eat through your roof and cause a leak, which causes moisture damage.

Adding Insulation in the ceiling under the attic prevents warm air from entering the attic so snow won’t melt and refreeze on your roof. Contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and insulation in preparation for this coming winter.

Haggerty Windows & Siding: Your Trusted Insulation Contractor

When your insulation has seen better days, Haggerty Windows & Siding is ready to help. We provide fast and efficient insulation replacement and installation services.

Whether you want to lower your monthly energy bills or the outside noises are impacting your home’s tranquility, new insulation can help you improve your home’s overall stability and comfort. For expert insulation assistance, contact Haggerty Windows & Siding’s Urbandale office today or call 515-953-6999.

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