The Top 3 Types of Siding for Your Iowa Home


The Top 3 Types of Siding for Your Iowa Home
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The Top 3 Types of Siding for Your Iowa Home

Wondering what type of siding is best for your Iowa home? At Haggerty Windows & Siding, we’re happy to offer expert advice on exterior siding solutions!

When it comes to residential siding, there are many options. Let’s narrow it down to the top three economically friendly siding types we recommend for Iowa homes.

Vinyl Siding

There are many benefits to using vinyl siding. For those who don’t know, vinyl is a highly durable plastic material composed of polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. This makes vinyl siding:

●        Weatherproof

●        Dent resistant

●        Mold and mildew resistant

Homeowners also love vinyl siding because it comes in a seemingly endless variety of colors and textures. Some types of vinyl siding even mimic more expensive materials while remaining cost effective and easy to maintain.

When vinyl siding starts to look dirty from nature’s elements, all you have to do is spray it with the gardening hose, and it’s good as new. When installed properly, new vinyl siding lasts about 20 years.

Fiber Cement Siding

If you are wondering what fiber cement is, you’re not the first. Composed of portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding is more durable than vinyl siding – and up to five times thicker.

A slightly cheaper alternative to engineered wood siding, fiber cement siding is also fireproof and weather resistant, easily preventing damage from wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and hail. If you’re looking for siding that’s stronger than vinyl but generally lower priced than engineered wood, fiber cement siding might provide the perfect in-between solution.

Aside from being incredibly durable and long lasting with an average 50-year lifespan, fiber cement provides bountiful curb appeal for your home. The design possibilities are endless, especially when you choose James Hardie’s collection of products, profiles, and colors.

Engineered Wood Siding

The name sums it up nicely. Engineered wood is three layers of wood compressed together. The top layer (the one you see) is veneer wood; The second layer consists of plywood and supports the boards; The bottom layer is for stabilizing the other boards.

Together these three layers make engineered wood the most durable siding on the market. It is:

●        High-quality, real wood

●        Rot resistant

●        Durable

●        Aesthetically pleasing

At Haggerty Windows & Siding, we recommend LP Smartside for the best-engineered wood siding. This brand provides a realistic wood texture with high impact resistance and an outstanding warranty.

If durability is a top priority for you, engineered wood and fiber cement are both excellent siding choices. Engineered wood is lighter and therefore easier to install than fiber cement, but both are ideal for homeowners who want the look of natural wood without the maintenance or cost, and they’re around the same price point. Choosing between these two options is often a matter of personal preference.

When Should You Replace Siding?

Do you need new siding? Check for these signs your house needs new siding, and give us a call ASAP if you want a free inspection! We can help you weigh the pros and cons of repairing or replacing your siding and give you a more in-depth look at your options.

If you don’t have any of the above issues with your siding, there are still benefits to replacing your siding, from increased energy efficiency to enhanced home value!

Has Iowa Weather Done a Number to Your Siding?

Let’s face it: Iowa experiences extreme weather. From hot, humid summers and bitterly cold winters to heavy rainfall in the spring, your siding goes through a lot. Is it time for an upgrade? If you’re interested in new siding for your Iowa home, call Haggerty Windows & Siding at 515-953-6999 or connect with us online!

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