Four Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Iowa Homeowners


Four Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Iowa Homeowners
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Four Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Iowa Homeowners

When it comes to siding, the great renovation choices are endless. New fiber cement siding, engineered wood siding—you name it and you can probably find a billion valid reasons to have it on your exterior.

One siding type that we feel doesn’t get the spotlight enough, though, is vinyl siding. What once was looked down on as the economy option has come a long way; new vinyl siding is one of the most popular options on the market today, for a variety of reasons. Haggerty Windows & Siding, your Urbandale siding contractors of choice, detail them below.

Vivaciously Vibrant Vinyl

When it comes to color, you don’t want to compromise—a faded exterior is an exterior nobody can be proud of.

Luckily, when you invest in vinyl siding for your Iowa home, you never have to worry about dull dilapidation; vinyl siding has a reputation among its peers as being one of the enduringly brightest siding types around. This is because the color goes entirely through the material instead of simply being a top layer or shell.

Retain that roaring red you fell in love with and be sure your breathtaking blue will last. Vinyl siding has got your back.

Low-Maintenance Luxury

Another thing that’s awesome about vinyl siding: it’s practically maintenance free! Aside from a good washing now and again with your garden hose, it’s hands-off, delivering you brightly colored beauty without you having to lift a finger. Stains that won’t budge can simply be removed with a mild detergent.

Undeniable Durability

Vinyl siding is no wimp! As the industry has advanced, so has this siding type, gaining strength and versatility. While you should do your part to prevent damage as you would with any other siding type, rest assured that vinyl can take the Iowan weather like a champ when it’s properly installed. It’s even got good resistance to dents!

Awesome Affordability

Even with its vibrancy, low-maintenance nature, and undeniable strength, vinyl siding remains an affordable choice for Iowa homes across the state. Since it’s also quick for the professionals to install, you’ll also cut down on labor costs too. It brings practical benefits and budget friendliness together in one popular package.

For Siding That’s the Whole Shebang and More, Contact Haggerty Windows & Siding Today

If you’re looking for a local siding company that can bring you the best in the industry, you’ve found just the one: Haggerty Windows & Siding. Give our Urbandale office a call today at 515-953-6999.

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