Three Remodeling Ideas for Your Unfinished Basement


Three Remodeling Ideas for Your Unfinished Basement
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Three Remodeling Ideas for Your Unfinished Basement

While your unfinished basement might look dull and dreary now—the concrete floor is so cold!—it’s really an empty space full of untapped design potential. With a few tweaks, it has the ability to fulfil a role in your home’s function and design that you didn’t even know existed.

All that potential, though—it can quickly get overwhelming! That’s why Haggerty Windows & Siding, your bathroom remodeling and basement facelift pros, are here to help with a few bits of ideas and inspiration below.

Renovate a Rec Room

Do your kids’ gaming consoles clutter up the living room upstairs? Does your spouse need a place to put their heirloom billiards table? A basement can be more than a place to stash these hobby items; it can be transformed into a space that honors the importance of a little bit of fun.

Knock down a few walls for an open floor plan, get some replacement windows to brighten up the space, and set about decorating with all of your family’s favorite things. Not only will your new basement be a blast, but you’ll de-clutter your home by compartmentalizing the function of each room.

Transform it Into a Home Theater

Fancy a few new flicks? An unfinished basement makes the perfect place to experience your favorite movies in theater-like sound quality and picture.

Invest in a high-res television and specially made audio system, then sit back and enjoy the show. Door contractors can put in thick products that ensure you don’t disturb anyone upstairs, and a bathroom remodeling contractor can take care of that nearby space so it matches the grandiosity of your new theater.

Hoist your Hosting to the Next Level With an Entertainment Room

Wish that your home had more room for neighborhood or family gatherings? Your basement can play this role flawlessly with just a few renovations. Opt for French door replacement to create a luxurious exit onto an outdoor patio, and brighten up the space with warm flooring and lights. Center the design off of a local liquor bar, provide plenty of seating and a sound system, and you’re golden!

Haggerty Windows & Siding: We’re as Excited to Start Your Basement Renovation as you Are!

Roofing, siding, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling—you name it and our talented team of contractors is on the job in a jiffy. Let’s make your unfinished basement into something you can be proud of; give our Urbandale office a call today at 515-953-6999.

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