Four Dazzling Home Exterior Trends for 2021


Four Dazzling Home Exterior Trends for 2021
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Four Dazzling Home Exterior Trends for 2021

Is your home always on the tip-top of timely trends? Do you pride your exterior on being the pinnacle of what’s in vogue? We at Haggerty Windows & Siding get it, and that’s why, in addition to providing only the best installation work as a siding contractor, roof replacement contractor, and more, we strive to partner with the best in modern exterior products. No matter the style, we’ve got the perfect windows, doors, and siding for you.

Looking for a bit of stylistic inspiration before you put the call in for renovations? You’re in the right place; we’ll crack open some 2021 exterior trends below!

Windows—Lots of Windows

Open, airy, minimalist: those are all words that describe the ideal modern home. It’s a bit difficult to make any of those words happen, though, without windows! By letting in lots of natural light—and, if you’re lucky, a view of nature too—windows both illuminate your home’s inside and thoroughly contemporize your exterior.  

If you’re still beholden to that old-school charm, though, double-hung window replacement can lend your exterior that air while still bringing your home’s look firmly into the modern age.

Standout Entrances

Gone are the days where a tame, understated front porch made an impression. In today’s market, it’s all about grabbing the eye of the passerby with a show-stopping entrance with the door as the centerpiece.

Those who like a more subtle expression of being in style don’t need to fret, though; French or Dutch doors can provide just this sort of pizzazz without sacrificing your home’s unique flair. There’s a difference between attractively quaint and simply being out-of-touch with the times, after all!

Bright and Light Exteriors

Just like white clothing, white houses never go out of style, but they’re having a bit of a moment in 2021. Even off-white or pale grays can be showstoppers this year. Plus, given that they go with almost anything, these exterior colors are a great choice for the homeowner looking to go the adventurous route with their roof replacement services or another outdoor facet.

Dark and Stately Exteriors

On the flipside, don’t discount the impact a deep and earthy siding exterior can have. In an ocean of beiges and browns, dark greens or blues certainly stand out, as well as make your home feel calm and inviting—certainly something welcome, all things considered!

Haggerty Windows & Siding: Here to Beautify Your Home

From bathroom facelifts to entire exterior overhauls, we’re proud to provide Iowan homeowners with every service needed to create their dream spaces. Give our Urbandale office a call today at 515-953-6999.

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