Five Common Roofing Worries and Their Solutions


Five Common Roofing Worries and Their Solutions
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Five Common Roofing Worries and Their Solutions

Roof replacement isn’t something that many homeowners go through often, so it’s easy to brush off your roof’s problems as repairable offenses. However, sometimes things are beyond that point, and roof repair would actually cost more than an entirely new roof in the first place!

While there’s plenty that we at Haggerty Window & Siding can do as far as roof repair goes, we’re also roof replacement contractors. We’re here to help you know exactly how dire your roofing situation is by laying out a few worst-case-scenarios below.

What If My Homeowner’s Insurance Runs Out?

An aged roof, no matter if it’s in good condition or not, poses some serious hazards to those who live beneath it. Mold and collapse are more likely to happen to it, for example.

Insurance companies are aware of this and thus might deny you coverage eventually if your roof passes a certain age. This age varies depending on the policy, but per PolicyGenius, “Insurance companies generally consider a roof older than 15 years to be old.” When the time comes, it’s ripe for replacement! In fact, we recommend doing so before your coverage runs dry to avoid any illy-timed lapses, even if nothing is “wrong” with your roof.

What If My Attic Is Rotted?

Your attic probably isn’t airtight. In fact, most of them are designed with ventilation in mind. However, when that ventilation is compromised, either by poorly-placed insulation or excessive home humidity, dampness can accumulate in your attic.

While a little water might just mean it’s time for roof repair, it’s the mold that likely will follow that can rot out your attic and cause serious structural damage that can spread into the rest of your home. This is a serious roofing “illness” that necessitates the help of a roof replacement company.

What If I’m Missing Shingle Granules?

The little particles on top of asphalt shingles aren’t just for looks. They protect the roof from the sun. When you begin to notice your roof shingles “flattening” out, it means that their weatherproofing abilities and their abilities to protect your home are coming to an end.

However, missing granules are only a sign of a seriously in-shambles roof if they affect every area of it. Isolated spots of hail damage frequently only require roof repair and are nothing to worry about. In addition, seeing granules around your gutter system after a new asphalt roof installation is nothing to panic about. They were just knocked loose during the work. Rest assured your new roof has plenty of serviceable years left!

What If My Roof Leaks?

Though it’s often passed off as a gag in stories, requiring little more than a bucket placed under the offending water stream, roof leaks are incredibly serious. They are surefire indicators that water damage has already begun and perhaps mold damage too. According to FEMA, mold colonies can start growing in only 24 to 48 hours on damp surfaces, which can cause health problems to you or your family. Long story short: if you’ve got a roof leak, you need professional help ASAP!

Roof leaks can be caused by a variety of things, and not all of them have to do with poor maintenance on your part. For instance, a poorly constructed roof can be prone to ice dams, which push water underneath your shingles, causing the structure to eventually degrade. Storm damage, too, is another common example.

What If Animals Get In My Roof?

Regardless of where you’re from, you’ve no doubt heard of someone who had to deal with a severe pest infestation in their attic. Understandably, you might be worried about this happening to you. Since “scientists nationwide generally agree that more animals are moving into urban and suburban areas,” per The Detroit News, the odds are indeed getting higher that it will.

But don’t panic! If your roof is well-maintained, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Most roofing materials are so strong that they easily deter curious critters from taking up rent-free residence. This is, of course, if those materials are properly taken care of, including getting roof inspections and trimming back your trees. Your landscaping can easily scrape away shingles in a storm, paving the way for pests. Additionally, the height gives those pests easier access to your roof in the first place.

A roof in need of an overhaul is also easier for animals to force their way through, so be sure to replace it if you notice any of the signs in our blog.

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