Three Reasons to Love LP Smartside


Three Reasons to Love LP Smartside
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Three Reasons to Love LP Smartside

Siding replacement sure is an exciting time; when else do you get to totally upgrade your home’s look with a showstopping upgrade that’s also practical? Indeed, we talked all about what’s awesome about this renovation in particular in our siding service blog entry “The Benefits of New Siding!”

As much as you’re looking forward to changing up your exterior, though, you may find yourself still hung up on your siding brand and material. At Haggerty Windows & Siding, we’re proud to offer only top-quality products that meet our stringent standards—but we also know that some products will be better fits for some families than others.

Below, we’ll detail our top pick for those looking into engineered wood siding: LP Smartside.

Affordable Siding for the Modern Home

Wood’s good looks make it an appealing option for many—until they see the price tag! Indeed, pure wood siding renders itself an unaffordable choice, both in up-front costs and maintenance requirements. It’s liable to need everything from replacement boards to expensive paint jobs. Just check out this article from that details all the likely maintenance headaches.

New engineered wood siding from LP Smartside, however, needs far less costly maintenance, and it’s often more affordable right out of the gates to boot, thanks to its specially designed, hardier composition. It’s a far more sensible choice both in the short and long term, economically speaking.

Powerful Pest and Fungi Resistance

Nobody wants their siding to be food for fungi or bugs, but with LP Smartside, you won’t lose sleep over the welfare of your exterior. Thanks to an added compound called zinc borate, mold and termites keep their hands off of the real wood parts of your engineered siding. Plus, waxes in the siding resist moisture, making it further more unappealing to rot-causing organisms.

All-Around Stellar Home Protection

Face it: wood siding is wimpy. With a vulnerability to pest infestations and moisture damage, it can’t protect your home like engineered wood siding can. In fact, few siding types on Earth are as strong as LP Smartside! With resins to beat both impact and the freeze-that cycle and waxes to repel moisture, LP Smartside is a product that offers truly comprehensive protection for what you hold most dear.

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