Three Interior and Exterior Problems That Can Cause Mold Damage


Three Interior and Exterior Problems That Can Cause Mold Damage
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Three Interior and Exterior Problems That Can Cause Mold Damage

Nobody likes to find mold on the counter’s stash of fruit, but it’s even worse to see it taking up residence on a larger scale—bathroom mildew, anyone? Not only is mold a cosmetic concern, but it can also drag down your family’s health.

In fact, the CDC states that mold can cause anything from a sore throat to a skin rash, and while these may seem relatively benign, they’re certainly not anything anyone wants to deal with while at home, both in the short or long term.

Luckily, Haggerty Windows & Siding is here to help. Below, we’ll describe a few problems that can eventually lead to mold formation so that you know what to look for—and how to stop them.

Hard-to-Clean Bathroom Fixtures

Is cleaning your bathroom always a huge ordeal? It shouldn’t be! Sure, it’s an inconvenience, but if your bathroom is holding onto grime and moisture a little too tightly, it can prove a perfect environment for mold to grow.

If you’ve historically struggled with mold in the bathroom, first check for plumbing issues or home ventilation problems that may be causing it. If your hired pro can’t find anything, perhaps it’s time for the bathroom facelift you’ve been putting off. Haggerty Windows & Siding renovates with products that clean up quickly, so staying on top of mildew is a cinch.

Leaky Roofing

Attics are relatively warm, decently dark, and they provide a huge source of nutrients in the form of wooden roof decking—in short, just add a little water in the form of a roof leak and you’ve got a mold infestation just waiting to happen. It’s why it’s essential to take care of leaking roof repairs as soon as you notice a problem!

It’s important to note that not all leaks will be obvious; you might not be able to spot them on the roof deck themselves. Follow the trail of damaged insulation or look for a water stain instead. If the water damage is widespread and you can’t find the source, you may have a roofing ventilation issue instead.

Poor Gutter Health

Gutters are a critical part of your home’s moisture control. Without a sleek system in strapping good health, rainwater flows downwards towards your foundation instead of draining safely into the soil a ways away. This can result in excessive dampness in your basement and—you guessed it—mold growth.

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