5 Things Your Exterior Needs to Protect Your Home This Winter


5 Things Your Exterior Needs to Protect Your Home This Winter
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5 Things Your Exterior Needs to Protect Your Home This Winter

For all the talk of how a home’s exterior expresses its owner’s style, it’s important to remember its other function: protection. Indeed, a well-maintained, well-constructed exterior protects your family and belongings from everything from mold damage to freezing temperatures to high energy bills. With an Iowan winter on the horizon, protection from all three of those will be more important than ever.

That’s why Haggerty Windows & Siding is here to help safeguard your home. Below, we’ll detail just a few things your exterior needs to do its protective job properly this year—and what happens if it lacks them.

Properly Sealed Windows

Windows do more than let the light in—they let the light in while simultaneously keeping cold temperatures and condensation out. When a seal breaks between the panes, however, they cannot properly insulate your home from the cold outside.

You may also experience condensation between the panes in this case, and this water can majorly damage certain kinds of window frames!

It’s thus important that your home’s windows are sealed properly before fall turns to winter. Better yet, you can upgrade your home with energy-efficient replacement windows and wildly reduce your heating bills.

A Well-Ventilated Roof

Roofing ventilation is a complicated topic, one we dive into in detail in our blog, “What to Know About Roofing Ventilation Before Winter Hits.” The long and short of it: when your roof isn’t ventilated as it should be, ice dams can occur which can lead to water backup and some pretty nasty attic problems. Check out this article by The Spruce to learn more about them.

Make sure your attic’s vents are cleared and that your roof isn’t showing signs of moisture accumulation. If you’re not sure, talk to a roof repair pro!

A Roof in Good Condition

Good ventilation is vital to prevent ice dams during harsh Iowa winters, but you’ll also want to assess the overall condition of your roof. Storm damage from blizzards can lead to missing shingles, snow accumulation, chipped chimneys, and more.

If you notice signs of damage from a storm or just know that your roof is getting old, it might be time to request a roof repair or installation service.

Correctly Installed Siding

It might come to your surprise that siding, while waterproof on its face, still has places where the stuff can seep through—for instance, if it happens to expand or shrink with changing temperatures.

Plus, windblown snow can worm its way into the strangest of spaces! Properly installed siding, though, uses additional products where necessary to circumnavigate water damage, a few examples being house wrap, caulk, and flashing.

If you notice issues with your siding, such as broken or missing slabs, it’s vital to call a home exterior contractor. It never hurts to assess the condition of your siding with winter in full swing.

A Strong Gutter System

Your gutters might not be something you often think about. For most homes, the gutters are already there ready to go, and for the most part, they will be working well. However, just like with the other exterior components of your home, gutters need regular maintenance and upkeep.

Clogged or poorly installed gutters can lead to water damage, such as leaks and mold. And, if the downspout isn’t installed far enough away from the home’s exterior, it can cause flooding or other water damage.

It’s important that you either clean the gutters out yourself or have a professional do this. You want to ensure gutters don’t get damaged from storms or clogged from fallen leaves.

One easy way to improve your gutter system is to install gutter guards that keep out leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Contact Haggerty Windows & Siding to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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