How to Keep Daily Life Going While Your Interior Is Being Renovated


How to Keep Daily Life Going While Your Interior Is Being Renovated
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How to Keep Daily Life Going While Your Interior Is Being Renovated

Could you imagine living without your entryway? How about your living room? These are the exact realities homeowners may face when they hire home renovation pros. The work understandably takes over the space a bit, and while it’s still accessible in a pinch, most families choose to let the workers go about their jobs in peace.

The problem is, this obviously throws a wrench in a family’s day, so how can you keep things running smoothly during your upcoming project?

Haggerty Windows & Siding is here to help. Below, we discuss a few logistical tips that can keep your household routine on track during a renovation, straight from a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Expect Noise

While your home and bathroom remodeling professional will no doubt work to keep things as quiet as possible, the fact of the matter is that, just like exterior projects, interior projects necessarily create some noise. Drills, saws, voices, and footsteps are all common, so you’ll need to plan ahead with your family to make accommodations for yourselves if you have sensitive individuals or young children. Those who work from home might want to commute to the office for the day or hole up in a coffee shop for a time.

Ask your contractor what time of day they will be working on your space to start; this will give you a general idea of what needs to be done in your case.

Understand There Will Be Dust

If your pro knows what they’re doing, they’ll keep the mess relatively contained, and you won’t need to handle cleaning up after them—so set that worry aside. What you will need to work around, though, is your HVAC system’s tendency to pull the stuff from the space and circulate it throughout your home. Talk to your preferred HVAC pro to make sure your system can handle it, and consider blocking or closing the vents to keep your air clean.

Strive to Roll With the Punches

Your contractor, whether remodeling your bathroom or living space, should 100% do their best to meet deadlines—but keep in mind that anything from shipping delays to poorly done work at the hands of a previous contractor can extend timelines. Many projects will have schedules that fluctuate to some extent, but being prepared for that—and for prompt communication from your contractor—should smooth over any stress.

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