Will Insurance Cover my Siding Damage?


Will Insurance Cover my Siding Damage?
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Will Insurance Cover my Siding Damage?

Your siding is a huge part of what gives your home its appeal—not to mention protection from the elements. So when you find it a bit torn up, it is understandable to be a bit upset. How will you pay for such an expensive renovation?

Don’t panic just yet, though; you’ve got an ace in the hole that could help in the right circumstances: your insurance. Below, Haggerty Windows & Siding, your Urbandale siding contractors of choice, has the inside scoop on if your insurance policy could save the day.

Homeowners Insurance Is Hit or Miss

When they’re looking to financially cover exterior damage, homeowners insurance is frequently the first spot that’s checked—and for good reason.

The intent of this coverage is generally to protect a home from what the policy deems as “acts of God,” or events that are completely outside of the homeowner’s control. According to PolicyGenius, this can include “windstorms, lightning and hail storms, as well as natural disasters, such as wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes.” However, it’s important to note that not all things beyond your control are covered by these policies; Hippo cites earthquakes and floods as common examples.

Your best bet? Chat with an insurance agent ahead of time so you know exactly what coverage you have and exactly what you’ll need to buy.

The Importance of Matching Siding

Even if your insurance does cover the damage, matching the new siding in case of damage can be more difficult than it appears. To avoid potential discontinuation issues, some homeowners opt for what’s called a “matching siding policy,” which provides additional compensation so that all of the siding on a home looks uniform.

According to American Family Insurance, “Mismatched siding may reduce the amount your home is worth,” so matching siding insurance is certainly a smart choice to protect your investment.

Insurance Won’t Cover Negligence

Which is why it’s critical to invest in periodic siding care from a local siding company. Preventable things like rot, fading, and pest problems generally aren’t covered by homeowner’s insurance, so make sure you keep up with regular check-ups and work closely with a siding pro. They’ll spot and fix. tiny problems before they snowball into huge repair costs

Haggerty Windows & Siding: Comprehensive Home Care

From replacement windows to roofing and siding, we provide all the services you need to keep your home going strong. Reach our Urbandale office today at 515-953-6999.

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